shawn mendes – repetitive song lyrics (compilation)

sO I’ve been on a shawn mendes binge listen (????) recently and I couldn’t help but notice that his lyrics are repetitive sometimes sO I made this comp. video of my favorite songs in which the lyrics repeat themselves bc I’m a sucker for shawn raising his voice while singing the same lyrics lmao I didn’t add any a/n this time bc they’d take away form the lyrics so enjoy the probs only time you won’t read my annoying ass in a/n
come make fun of me for not knowing synonyms for ‘repetitive’ or ‘lyrics’ @ motherhyucker on tweeter 🙂
no copyright intended ;; also I used some lyric videos bc they were the first to pop up when I’d search the songs sO if you’d like credit, feel free to let me know and I’ll CC it!!


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