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Pictures say 1,000 words. On Amazon, Pictures could be worth 1,000 reviews…good or bad. If you are not paying attention to your reviews with pictures, START NOW.

On hashtag#Amazon, customer reviews with pictures are given premium placement within the page and mobile app. If they are nice looking pictures, it’s great. If they are pictures depicting the product negatively, it’s not good.

Here you will see three products with nice images, and one with bad ones….and you’ll see the impact they can have.

Two tips to get more reviews with images:
1) Sell 3p and follow up with the customer post-transaction asking for feedback with images
2) Vine – I’m not sure if you can ask this of vine reviewers, but if you can I’d highly suggest it!

Do you have any tips about getting more reviews with images? Let’s hear em!




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