Tooty Ta Song with Lyrics – Popular Kids Group Dance by EFlashApps

A Tooty Ta Ta (tootey, tootie) has become a favorite kids on stage dance performance for preschools, kindergarten and elementary schools for graduation ceremonies. Animated for the first time ever, enjoy this fun and energetic song all kids (and adults) just love to dance on!

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A chorus separates each verse. For example: The first verse is simply “Thumbs Up!” Then the second verse is “Thumbs Up! Elbows back!” The third verse is “Thumbs up! Elbows back! Feet apart!” They continue with the lyrics below and there is a chorus between each verse.

A Tooty Ta, A Tooty Ta, A Tooty Ta, Ta!


Thumbs Up!
Elbows back!
Feet apart!
Bottoms up!
Tongue out!
Eyes shut!
Turn Around!


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