Lollipops & Roses! (Jack Joes)(Lyrics+Song/Artist Info) Romantic 4K Music Video Album!


Tell her you care, each time you speak,
Make it her birthday each day of the week,
Bring her nice things, sugar and spice things,
Roses and lollipops,
And lollipops and roses . . .

One day she’ll smile, next day she’ll cry,
Minute to minute, you’ll never know why!
Coax her, pet her, better yet get her,
Roses and lollipops,
And lollipops and roses . . .

We try acting grown up, but as a rule,
We’re all little children, fresh from school . . .

So, carry her books, that’s how it starts,
Fourteen to forty, they’re kids in their hearts . . .
Keep them handy, flowers and candy,
Roses and lollipops,
And lollipops and roses . . .



Lollipops & Roses, I’ll See You In My Dreams, I’ve Never Been In Love Before, I’ve Got No Strings, I’ve Got A Crush On You, It’s Only A Paper Moon, It’s Not For Me To Say + All In The Game!


Jack Jones, 101 Strings, Frank Sinatra, Norman Luboff, David Rose, Johnny Mathis & Tommy Edwards!


John Allan Jones (born 1938) known professionally as Jack Jones, is an American actor and jazz and pop singer, popular during the 1960s. He is the son of actor/singer Allan Jones and actress Irene Hervey.

Jones is primarily a straight-pop singer (even when he recorded contemporary material) whose ventures in the direction of easy listening are mostly of the big band/swing variety. Jones has won two Grammy Awards.

He continues to perform concerts around the world and remains popular in Las Vegas. Jones is widely known for his recordings of “Wives and Lovers” (1964 Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “The Race Is On”, “Lollipops and Roses” (1962, Grammy Award, Best Pop Male Performance), “The Impossible Dream”, “Call Me Irresponsible”, “Lady”, and “The Love Boat Theme”. He was also the voice of Greg’s frog in the 2014 animated television miniseries Over the Garden Wall. – Wikipedia


“Lollipops and Roses” is a song composed by Tony Velona. The best-known version was a Grammy Award-winning recording by Jack Jones in 1962. The Jack Jones recording went to number twelve on the Easy Listening chart. The song was used for the end credits of episode 3 of season 2 of Mad Men. – Wikipedia


Prof Howdy has blissfully, buoyantly & enthusiastically uploaded well over one thousand Beautiful Romantic H.D. Music Videos for your personal enjoyment & delectation! Listening to these is quite similar to once again hearing Easy Listening FM Radio Stations (and a few AM) during the 1950s & 1960s! These Marvelous Songs are always about True Love that Last Forever & A DAY that never, never quits! Remember that if you love someone endlessly & forevermore (of the opposite gender), you will be loyal to them no matter what the cost. You will always believe in them, always expect the best of them, and always stand your ground in defending them. (Enjoy & download all! Google: #ProfHowdy on YouTube for more musical dreams!)


Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?” That’s exactly what J.e.s.u.s did. He didn’t make it easy for Himself by avoiding people’s troubles, but waded right in and helped out.



It’s Not for Me to Say – Johnny Mathis
19:51 – 21:51

Lollipops and Roses – Jack Jones
0:14 – 4:16

I’ve Never Been In Love Before – FRANK SINATRA
6:59 – 9:49

I’ll Se You in My Dreams – Ballroom Orchestra
4:24 – 6:45

It’s All in the Game – Tommy Edwards
22:33 – 25:11



Google: T3H7P12H

NOTE: There is some discussion in the Geek World about what constitutes a 4K Video. iMovie – which these videos are made from – identify this video as 4K. YouTube wavers but at the very least this video is far superior to 1080p any day!



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Jack Jones, Lollipops & Roses, I’ll See You In My Dreams, 101 Strings, Frank Sinatra, I’ve Never Been In Love Before, David Rose, Norman Luboff, I’ve Got No Strings, I’ve Got A Crush On You, It’s Only A Paper Moon,


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