I Wonder – Original Song (Lyrics by Marcus Perry/Music by Cody G.)

Hey how’s it going guys? I decided to make a melody/lyrics for a song I love called “ukulele and chill” by this awesome guy named Cody G.! You should totally check out his channel, he deserves way more subs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf4hWsmCC8FDI1ESRPotMb
Ready for the summer 🌴🌴🌴


I wonder if the ocean is friends with the breeze

I wonder if the temperature is 85 degrees

I wonder if squirrels care when I cut their trees

I wonder if the bees care when I take away their honey

I wonder if the world stopped would everybody else stop

Is it time to buy a new song in the new sound shop

I wonder if my name will ever make it to the top

I wonder if I’ll ever really make any money

I wonder if she’s gone or if I’ll ever see her again

I wonder if he’s sad and he has any friends

I wonder if I’ll ever run out of ink for my pen

I wonder if I’m able to make it to the end

I wonder what God’s plan is for me

I wonder if I’m going to have a family

I wonder if the music and the ukulele

are friends the way the oceans is friends with the breeze

I’m sitting outside enjoying the sun

There’s some kids outside just having some fun

The wind blows by with a seaborn vibe

and I feel like I’m the only one

Alone with my mind

gonna think for a time

not sure what about

it’ll be fine

into the blue

what do I do

where do I go

and what do I choose

Here I am….
With my thoughts
Yet again

In my life
This is how it’s been

Oh yeah…

I wonder what I’d do if I lost my sight

I wonder what things go on at night

I wonder what makes the sun so bright

I wonder what makes the clouds so white

I wonder what exactly I’m supposed to do

do do do do, do do do do do

And I wonder what were and why and who

oh oh oh oh yeah

The morning dew

is tinted blue

with shine more beautiful

than see-through glue

A simple hue

with one or two


simply going through

I wonder what exactly I’m supposed to do

do do do do do do do do

And I wonder what where and why and who

ohh oh ohh yeah

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