Dance Gavin Dance – Hair Song (Lyric Video)

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You don’t need a baby. You need to go crazy. You need to meet God. Put it in a
painting. A picture of it raining. A symbol of us. Double double dare. You pissed off your parents. Now your car. Gonna take care. It’s yours, not our hair. And so we have fun. These voices attacking my head, distracting me from what I knew I should have said. But I’ve got a shred of dedication—maybe some
desperation—we’re all having fun. Hack, slash, braid and cut. Twist, curl and tease the tuft. Blow it out and spray the stuff. Slick it back and fluff it up. Hair song, it’s a great one to get ready to. Have a friend do your makeup fool. Catch up with a dear loved one. You can make it hard. Or you can. Make it fun. Forget what they say about me. I’m in here where they can’t touch me. Right now ain’t no one above me. All my faithful children love me. Where I leave my woes behind. Where I go to burn my time. It’s the brightest I can shine. In this world I breathe divine.

Directed by: Emonee La Russa


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