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Pirate’s Booty is a popular snack. But is it actually good for your health? Isabel explains the reason behind the unhealthy ingredients and how to find healthier snack alternatives.

Pirate’s Booty – Should We Love It OR Leave It?

Watch Isabel take a peek at the ingredients found in this popular snack, and you’ll find that the decision is an easy one.

In fact, Isabel shows why these snacks might be stopping you from losing the weight you want to.

You don’t want to find yourself snacking on anything that contains canola oil, soy, and cornmeal. You’ll want to seek alternatives that are made with healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, or natural butter.

So what’s the alternative? Is there a healthy snack you can turn to? Isabel shares her favorites, Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn and Boulder Canyon potato chips.

Beyond Diet has proven to be an effective weight loss program for thousands of members. But it’s so much more than that! It’s also about achieving health and happiness through delicious eating, and thousands have been helped to reach their weight and health goals by implementing Isabel De Los Rios’ delicious and healthy recipe hacks.

Beyond Diet offers more than a simple-to-use healthy eating plan; it is a full-service program that gives you fat-burning recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, expert personalized coaching and a community of users that support and help you on your journey.

Beyond Diet’s weight loss principles are supported by more than 700 studies published in credible, peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as thousands of testimonials from those who’ve found success using this common-sense, highly effective system.

For more great recipes and information on how you can transform your health and achieve that elusive weight loss you’ve been seeking, visit our pages below and connect with us today!



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