Oasis Fly Tying Bench – Compact Walnut Bench Review – McFly Angler Product Reviews

After getting this bench and using it, I don’t know how I survived tying without it. Its so enjoyable to tie on, and it makes it much much easier. Not only is the bench beautifully made, its very functional as well. Seriously guys, get this bench, or one of the other many models Oasis makes.

This bench is the “Compact Walnut Bench” and it is on sale right now for $273 on their site. Then they have the “Compact” which is this same bench, just without the walnut. That one’s on sale for $264. They also have a bench made for pedestal vices. The “Fly Factory” bench is only $139 and is very nice as well. The “Spinner” is $179, the “Golly” is $144, and the “Pro Bench” is $269. All great prices for the quality of these benches.

If you are interested in getting one, check out their site where you can order them. https://ift.tt/2NOCWpJ

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