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What Is Modere M3 & Does It Really Work?
Modere M3, also known as Savi M3 is a vegetarian weight management system based on the Mediterranean lifestyle.
Before you even start listening to this video please know that I am a firm believer that if you are looking to lose weight,
MANY approaches will work.
In fact, you can even lose weight by not eating.
Yes, I said it. It’s true. Of course, it isn’t such a bright idea and you will gain your weight back immediately after you eat something, but you would lose some pounds temporarily. (Quick disclaimer: I HIGHLY discourage this approach. It is not a healthy choice.).
Ok, so if many approaches will work, why are you still not where you wanted, or why are you back where you started?
Simple, you didn’t chose an approach that was SUSTAINABLE in the long run FOR YOU.
An approach becomes unsustainable for many reasons:
it requires you to eat some type of food you hate (that won’t last long),
it doesn’t provide your body with all the nutrients (including carbs) that it ultimately needs,
you are allergic or intolerant to the food/product,
you are hungry too often,
it’s a liquid diet,
your spouse can’t eat it,
you can’t eat it,
your dog won’t eat it… Etc…
In other words, if you can’t wrap your mind around “will I be able to eat like this FOREVER 90% of the time?” then that approach will not work for you.

What is the Modere M3 system?
It is comprised of primarily 3 products (there is an alternative 4th one you can take to maintain your results later).
One product is a 100% vegetarian thermogenic capsule to boost your metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis (fat burning).
The second product is a protein powder you can take during the day at anytime as a snack (NOT a meal replacement).
And the 3rd is a chocolate fiber mix you drink prior to a meal which will satiate/curb your hunger so you won’t overeat at your next meal.
Although I prefer to drink this as an evening snack AFTER dinner.
And since it is fiber it also aids in digestion. I will add here that the M3 fiber drink (called Savi Sync) is ABSOLUTELY decadent. Just WOW. For reals.
What would you eat with the Modere M3 system? 
Well almost anything: chicken, fish, veggies, fruit, whole grains and legumes. Seriously, what else is there? Sugar, dairy, white flour processed junk.
The M3 system works this way: Take 3 and pick 3.
You take the 3 M3 products throughout the day along with your regular mediterranean choice meals and snacks,
and you also select 3 activities from a list of 6 that you will stick to (avoid sugary drinks, take 7,500 steps a day, cut fried foods, drink five 12 oz glasses of water, avoid refined flour, white rice, and sugar).
Pick 3 of those and you will see results. Pick more than 3 and you will see even faster results. Cool right? – Modere Product Reviews. Use coupon code 208320 for your discount! Contact me for more information: or call 650-248-7096.
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