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How to get amazon reviews | Amazon Product Reviews with Merchbee

Getting more reviews on Amazon has never been easier. Optimize your post-purchase follow up to ensure your customers are blown away with their buying experience. Completely customize your follow up sequence to be branded and customer-centric. I recommend keeping in mind the nuances of your industry (or category) and product offerring. Does it make more sense to highlight best product use? Or key, distinct features? Put the appropriate amount of weight and insight into your communication and you’ll find happy, appreciate customers to follow in abundance.

What most companies get wrong in the ecomm space is that they welcome the impersonal nature of online orders and to the door deliveries. While the exchange is eventually personal (usually at time of receipt or product use), your follow up sequence can further identify your brand, empower a purchase and inform a customer.

And you’ll never guess the most important part.

Ask for the review!

It boggles my mind how many sellers forget to simply ask for a review. The lifeblood of Amazon is the review structure. Without them you might as well not even start. So let your customers know just how important their thoughts and feedback truly are. Not because it’s without a doubt the case but because you want to provide serious value.

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