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d.light uses the world’s best product design principles, along with solar and LED technology, to create lighting products that are high quality, rugged and affordable. d.light has provided bright, safe light for millions of people who do not have access to reliable electricity in over 40 countries. Our award-winning designs for off-grid environments include cost-conscious lighting products that thrive in a range of tough conditions. Customers around the world enjoy d.light products for a wide range of recreational, professional, safety and other personal uses – and so can you!

All d.light products include:
Solar Charging via a high-quality, efficient solar panel that is weather-resistant and installation-free
Rugged Design that includes weatherproofing, ability to withstand a six foot drop, and protection for internal circuitry from dust and insects
Multiple Uses that provide options for lights to be carried, hung, or placed in various locations and in many different ways
Electric Charging via AC electricity with a standard Nokia “thin pin” mobile phone AC charger (charger not included)
Warranty Protection provided for 12 months.

10 Percent of Net Proceeds Donated to the Give Light Program for every sale, providing solar lights for students without access to electricity who currently use kerosene to study

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