Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Best / Worst Low Carb Wraps

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I wanted to do this video after my last video featured one of these low carb wrap in the title shot. There are certainly good tasting low carb wraps, and wraps that IMO taste like cardboard. The latter ones do not make for an adequate replacement for things like buns or sandwiches. I have tried three different types of low carb tortillas — Flatout Flatbread ( ), Mission Carb Balance, and La Tortilla Factory. I definitely have my favorite one, Flatout Light Italian Herb. ( )

Note: all three of these wraps are an OWL-phase food since they all contain whole wheat flour, a rung 9 food item in OWL. If you are in Induction, you better bet would be to make either the Flax bread recipe or the Revolution Rolls recipe, which I have posted on Youtube.
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