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WD My Cloud Home Duo Review – A Very Different My Cloud Product

Buy it at Best Buy – (affiliate link) – The WD My Cloud Home is a very different product compared to the previous My Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. It’s simpler and more consumer friendly. See more NAS – and subscribe! — Too long? See my index below:

01:05 – Comparison to other My Cloud Devices
02:00 – Ports and connectors
02:15 – USB ports do not work as a backup
02:46 – Servicing the drives
03:18 – Advertised space vs. actual space on duo due to RAID
03:43 – My Cloud Home Duo vs. Single Drive Version
04:06 – Pricing
04:52 – Required software for PC and Mac
05:17 – Web interface to the My Cloud Home
05:27 – Video playback & transcoding on the web
06:05 – WD Discovery software
06:22 – No direct connection to a PC
06:50 – My Cloud Home runs like a local drive when home or away
07:26 – Syncing like DropBox
09:22 – Offline sync
09:54 – Creating publicly accessible links
10:43 – Mobile app
11:03 – Accessing files from phone or tablet
11:42 – Adding photos and videos from a iPhone / Android
12:26 – Browsing and viewing photos / videos
12:49 – On the fly video transcoding
14:24 – Searching for files from mobile app
14:41 – Administrative settings
15:04 – Changing RAID option
15:20 – Other users and limitations
15:46 – Users are in silos
16:25 – Adding new users
16:48 – Connecticut external USB storage
17:32 – All users have access to external storage
17:56 – Commentary: lack of full NAS backup
18:23 – My Cloud Home Apps (aka Services)
20:28 – Plex App
22:15 – Overall Plex stability
23:40 – Plex transcoding performance
24:52 – Read and write performance
25:36 – Conclusion and final thoughts

PR2100 Review (better Plex support / performance):

Plex Videos:

This is definitely a new direction for the My Cloud line that is clearly aimed at simplifying the complexity of NAS devices for general consumers. And it appears to achieve what it sets out to do. It’s very easy to get up and running: plug it in, set up an account, install some software on your PC or mobile app, and you’re done. But all of this ease comes at a loss of control that advanced users will want. And there’s not backup functionality yet.

Unlike the prior My Cloud devices this will work the same on a local network as it does remotely. So Mac OS and Windows will see this as a regular drive even if you’re halfway across the world. It will of course run slower remotely due to available Internet connection speeds but it is a lot easier to use as a cloud device vs. the previous consumer models.

But a lot of sacrificed for this simplicity for advanced users. The drive requires an account with WD and will not work standalone. It will not be available as a network drive to computers without the software running. Multiple users are supported but they exist in their own silos and cannot share files with each other. The owner of the drive cannot see what files other users have stored on it.

The biggest omission I see so far is that it has no way of backing itself up automatically. This was a key feature of the original My Clouds and allowed copying data to an external drive for backup. Not here. So while external drives can copy data TO the My Cloud Home, data itself can’t be copied out unless it is done manually over the network.

I’m sure we’ll be doing more with this in the coming months as new features are added.

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Product Reviews: High Quality Rechargeable Mini Fan with Flash Light

Product Reviews: High Quality Rechargeable Mini Fan with Flash Light

Can be Purchased Here:


Bzzagent & Smiley360 freebies/product reviews for October/ November 2014

This is my product reviews from bzzagent and smiley360 from the past 2 months. I wanted to show them all together in one video. I have gotten lucky with being excepted to so many lately! Great products for absolutely free to try out. Please sign up using the links down below, I highly suggest and recommend these companies for freebies! Have been a member to both for over a year now! Check them out 🙂

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A quick introduction to Ikinaki – Product Reviews Platform

Ikinaki Founder, Malvika Khajuria, introduces Ikinaki, and explains how the idea came into being and the problem Ikinaki platform is solving for thousands of beauty & fitness product shoppers.


Profoto BatPac: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Profoto BatPac: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV


Rave Review: Jessicurl Products for Curly Hair!

Blog post (sale is over):

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This Elevator Sucks 5-17-12 by Mobility Product Reviews for Austin Elevators
Call 512-677-4243 to find out how you could be the first one in your neighborhood to have this never-seen-before, most-talked-about, work-or-art installed in your beautiful Austin home.
Austin Vacuum Elevators, Powered By Air
• Wheelchair Accessible
• Minimal Construction
• Pre/Post Construction
• Low Energy
• Low Maintenance
• Almost Overnight Installation
The principle operation of the pneumatic vacuum elevator in Austin is based on the ascending push generated by the difference between the atmospheric pressure on the top of the car and the atmospheric pressure under the car.
The depression (vacuum) required to lift the car is achieved by turbines operating as exhaust fans which are located at the top of the elevator, also known as the Suction Assembly or “Head Unit”.
Safety – These elevation units are fully equipped with a full set of car-locking devices for each landing.
In the event of a power failure, the cabin slowly descends to the ground floor, at which point the passenger is able to exit the cabin.
In the event of catastrophic failure and vacuum loss, the main seal forces down on the mechanical safety brakes and the cabin is suspended within two inches of freefall.
Visit our website for instant free download of the Austin elevator brochure.


Mielle Organics Product Review

Hey Loverrrsss! Thanks for visiting my channel and to my new subbies, wassup wassup…wassup wassup! LoL! Here’s a list of the products mentioned in this video:

Babassu Oil Conditioning Sulfate-Free Shampoo: $12.99
Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner: 13.99
White Peony Leave-Conditioner: $12.99

Previous Video: DevaCurl DevaFuser Product Review

Natural Hair Journey:

Natural Hair Q&A:

Get To Know Me Part Two (Hair Edition):

Filming Equipment:

Sony a5100 Camera:

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Ring Light Stand:


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d.light solar lighting Gadget Product Reviews New Product News with Billy Carmen

Purchase at:

d.light uses the world’s best product design principles, along with solar and LED technology, to create lighting products that are high quality, rugged and affordable. d.light has provided bright, safe light for millions of people who do not have access to reliable electricity in over 40 countries. Our award-winning designs for off-grid environments include cost-conscious lighting products that thrive in a range of tough conditions. Customers around the world enjoy d.light products for a wide range of recreational, professional, safety and other personal uses – and so can you!

All d.light products include:
Solar Charging via a high-quality, efficient solar panel that is weather-resistant and installation-free
Rugged Design that includes weatherproofing, ability to withstand a six foot drop, and protection for internal circuitry from dust and insects
Multiple Uses that provide options for lights to be carried, hung, or placed in various locations and in many different ways
Electric Charging via AC electricity with a standard Nokia “thin pin” mobile phone AC charger (charger not included)
Warranty Protection provided for 12 months.

10 Percent of Net Proceeds Donated to the Give Light Program for every sale, providing solar lights for students without access to electricity who currently use kerosene to study

Product News Channel is a product review library for products distributed by Wizard Distribution Inc. and can be seen across our sites.

Wizard Distribution stocks unique products from small brands around the world to be distributed to USA and Canada retailers.

CEO Billy Carmen provides reviews, insight and news for small brands while managing creativity and manufacturing for five of his own brands consisting of over 30 products.


VersaClimber Product Review

Today we are doing a VersaClimber challenge with some of our team members. The test is to see how many feet you can go in one minute. We love the VersaClilmber at EZIA because it’s so functional. It works your lower body, upper body and core all at the same time. It’s a very natural cardio movement, much like running that boosts your heart rate quickly. The VersaClimber is one of the most effective pieces of equipment at EZIA, to maximize your time and efficiency. You want to focus on long, punching leg movements and driving your elbows from your shoulders.
Who will win the challenge? Will is be our Physical Therapist Joe, Amie, Cody or Ryan? Watch the video to find out and check out more product reviews at


DevaCurl Product Line Review

It’s my first ever product review! In this video I am covering DevaCurl No-Poo, Low-Poo, One Condition, Light Defining Gel, Shine Spray, Quick Cleanser and Heaven In Hair! Wow, that’s a lot!

You can buy all of them online:

– DevaCurl No-Poo –
– Low-Poo –
– One Condition –
– Light Defining Gel –
– Shine Spray –
– Quick Cleanser –
– Heaven In Hair –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Vanity Planet Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush –
:: Code – RISAS50 for 50% off discount ::

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In this video I tell you how to avoid scams and fake sites in the Freebie, review and survey world and some tips and tricks on how to spot them

See more information and lists of fake websites and scams on my website at

In this video, I will tell you how to avoid Fake Surveys, Fake Freebies, Fake Product Reviews and Earn money online scams. This is strictly my opinion and should be treated as such. I can only tell you what I know from my experience from doing freebies, surveys, and earning rewards online. I hope that this video helps you avoid scams and fake websites and to know what to look out for.

*Please note that all of the information I give you on this post and in my video is just my opinion and should be taken as such. I made this to help people avoid fake websites and scams online*

I have been doing freebies, samples, surveys, entering sweepstakes, giveaways and more and doing reviews in exchange for free products for over 2 years and over that time I have seen my fair share of fake websites and scams. I wanted to give you some tips on how to spot scams and fake websites so you can have fun and find real free stuff, surveys and rewards online.

There are a lot of scams out there and fake websites, and I hope to tell you all more about them in future videos

Let me know if you have any other sites that you know are scams or any experiences you have had with the sites I mentioned (good or bad)

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The Leica M9 and 50mm Lens: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

AdoramaTV presents The Leica M9 and 50mm Lens. This week Mark will show us the world’s first full frame, 35mm digital rangefinder camera. The M9 delivers superb, high resolution imaging with exceptional color and contrast. Advanced microlens placement ensures precise light transmission with no discernable corner fall off, even when using ultra wide optics. Mark also reviews the LEICA SUMMILUX-M 50mm f/1.4. This lens delivers virtually the same outstanding performance throughout all apertures and focus settings. Whether using selective focus at close range or an extended depth of field to capture landscapes, this lens handles every situation with ease.

Read more about the M9, including sample photos from a Street Photography Stress Test, here:

Find the following products from this episode at
Leica M9
Leica 50mm f/1.4 SUMMILUX-M

Visit for more photography videos!

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Cable Releases: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

AdoramaTV presents Cable Releases. This week Mark will show us 3 different cable releases for the Nikon and the Canon. Using a cable release improves уουr chances οf tacking sharp photos.

For more details about the products reviewed here, and for lots of information about time-lapse photography, go here:

Find the products from this episode at
Nikon MC-36
Canon TC-80N3
Hahnel Giga T Pro 300

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Manfrotto 679B monopod 496RC2 ball head DigiGeek Product Reviews

Manfrotto 679B monopod Manfrotto 679B monopod 496RC2 ball head

DigiGeek Reviews

Disclaimer: This is a consumer review and I own these products myself. I do not represent any of the of the manufacturers. My reviews are for personal preference only. Please view with caution.

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Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Best / Worst Low Carb Wraps

***Join the Atkins Diet Video Facebook fan page - ***
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I wanted to do this video after my last video featured one of these low carb wrap in the title shot. There are certainly good tasting low carb wraps, and wraps that IMO taste like cardboard. The latter ones do not make for an adequate replacement for things like buns or sandwiches. I have tried three different types of low carb tortillas — Flatout Flatbread ( ), Mission Carb Balance, and La Tortilla Factory. I definitely have my favorite one, Flatout Light Italian Herb. ( )

Note: all three of these wraps are an OWL-phase food since they all contain whole wheat flour, a rung 9 food item in OWL. If you are in Induction, you better bet would be to make either the Flax bread recipe or the Revolution Rolls recipe, which I have posted on Youtube.
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WEN Hair Care Product Review Documentary (over 5-month period) =)

I decided to document my experience for some of my friends that were interested in using this product. This review covers a 5-month period in which I only used WEN products on my hair to see true results. I was/am not being paid for this review, this is my honest opinion =) Feel free to ask questions below & I will give you honest answers!
Check out part 2 to this video where I answer all of your questions about this product here
Check out my Smokey Brown & Gold Eye Makeup tutortial to get this look! =)
Just click here


ADWOA Product Review + Demo

Use Code: GLAMTWINZ and get 15% off your purchase!

baomint™ deep conditioning treatment –
baomint™ leave in conditioning styler –
baomint™ moisturizing shampoo –
baomint™ oil blend –
baomint™ curl defining cream –
baomint™ curl defining gel –






Camera – Canon 70D
Editing – Final Cut Pro

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WatchGuyNYC: Rolex 228235 Day-date 40 Olive Green Watch 2017 Product reviews

Rolex 228235 Day-date 40 18k Everose Gold Olive Green Dial Men’s Watch Read product info & Customer reviews. * Store in NYC. tel:+1(212)510-8315

Model Year 2017

18 K rose gold case with a 18 K rose gold president bracelet. Fluted bezel. Olive green dial with everose gold hands and Roman numeral hour markers. Dial Type: Analog. Rolex Calibre 3255 automatic movement with about 70 hours of power reserve. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Screw down crown. Solid case back. Case size: 40 mm. Round case shape. Concealed crown clasp. Water resistant at 100 meters / 330 feet. Functions: date, day, hour, minute, second. Luxury watch style. Watch label: Swiss Made. Rolex Day-Date Automatic Mens Watch 228235

-Full three year limited warranty with WatchGuyNYC
-Free Shipping
-Unworn Rolex


Best Types of Oil for Your Skin | NewBeauty Product Reviews

The best oil for your skin is one that will treat your specific concerns from acne to aging. That’s why so many brands include oils like argan, rose hip seed, tea tree, black currant and avocado in their products. In this video, we rounded up five products from Liz Earle, Olie Biologique, Jurlique, Veronica Malibu and Out of Africa that will help you get more flawless skin.

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Paula’s Choice Brand Overview & TONS of Product Reviews

A comprehensive review of Paula’s Choice skincare and makeup!
Paula’s Choice 15% off:
Blog sale:

Paula’s Choice (best skincare):
Scentbird: 15% off 1st subscription
Try The World: 30% off code ALLURATRAVELS
MemeBox 5% OFF Korean makeup products with code ‘makeuplove’:
Glossybox: Free GWP code OCCSMOTE

Sneak Peeks of MAC Collections:
Wash & Dry Summer 2015:
Giambattista Valli:


BULLDOG Skin Care For Men – Product Review (Men’s grooming and skin care) ✖ James Welsh

I’ve been trying out the range by Bull Dog skin care for sometime now. Here are my thoughts on some of their top products. Have you used this brand before?


Shop all the products:

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Music: Box Cat Games – Mr Fox


Ryviu 3.0 – Export product reviews from aliexpress to shopify

Ryviu app features:

– Export reviews from Aliexpress include images to Shopify.
– Export reviews from Amazon
– Export page tool
– Export button for each product in Oberlo Dashboard
– Auto generator name customer
– Select product from Shopify
– Adding reviews Shopify

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Getting Bonus Wayfair Cash Back With Product Reviews

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The Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder! – Wireless Smart Sonar (Product Review) | DALLMYD

Hey guys! A company called Deeper asked if I would like one of their products to try out. I said, Hell yeah! haha
In this video I try out the Deeper Pro+! Marked 10 fish at 5:24

Check out Deeper!

Location: Columbus, Georgia
Date: July 6, 2016

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Watch More Product Reviews Videos Here:

Check out the previous video!
Found GoPro Camera Lost 1 Year Ago! (Reviewing the Footage)


Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! – Best River Treasure Finds of 2016

Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River! (Police Called)
Found Human Remains Underwater in River! (Police Called)

Found Lost iPhone 7 in River While Scuba Diving! (w/ Girlfriend)

Found Lost iPhone, Fishing Pole and Swimbaits Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)

Found GoPro Camera Lost 1 Year Ago! (Reviewing the Footage)

Found Knife, Razor Blade and $50 Swimbait Underwater in River! (Freediving)

Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

Found Phone, Wallet, Knife Underwater in River! (Scuba Diving)
Scaring People From Underwater at the River! – Prank (Funny Reactions) Part 2

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Hello! My name is Jake. I’m an Angler, Freediver, Scuba Diver, Surfer, Spearfisherman, Treasure Hunter & YouTuber w/ 3,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of lost valuables!

Music Provided by Jeff Kaale

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The Deeper Pro+ Fish Finder! – Wireless Smart Sonar (Product Review)



Via Seating Product Reviews “swopper” & “muvman” Seats

Historic and biomechanical review of current seating positions with highlights of new and improved seating by the Via Seating company.


Slikhaar TV: By Vilain Gold Digger Product Review

Get By Vilain at:
Go Subscribe To SlikhaarTV@
SlikhaarTV is hands down the best Men’s Hair Channel on YouTube! Their new product Gold Digger (By Vilian) is an amazing styling product that combines super high hold with a totaly matte finish! Subscribe, try and enjoy!


Take to the Road Product Reviews – Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner with Halfords

In our first ever product review video, we test a group of new Turtle Wax cleaning and detailing products supplied by Halfords. In Part 1 of our 4 Part review series, we test Turtle Wax’s new All Wheel Cleaner on the wheels of our Bertone x1/9 Gran Finale.

For more information on the products we’ve tested head on over to

Video Music “Happy Rock” by



Hey everyone,

Actual review starts from : 00:30 seconds

Sebamed is a german based company which manufactures medicinal skin care products.

In this video am sharing my experience on sebamed baby products. I have been using sebamed baby cleansing bar, sebamed baby shampoo and sebamed baby powder from almost 2 years now. Here is the review of the sebamed baby products. They have mentioned explicitly that the product is for delicate skin.

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Disclaimer : I am not affiliated or paid by any company whose products I feature unless stated explicitly. Reviews are based on my own experience so be wise in choosing.


ATA 2016 Product Reviews – Scorpyd Crossbows by Jim Kempf

We met Jim Kmepf at the Archery Trade Association trade show and he showed us his really awesome Scorpyd crossbow. Once we test fired it we couldn’t believe how smooth this crossbow is and it is insanely fast! Check them out here



Jordan Schlansky’s Product Review: Darth Vader Helmet – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Jordan is so enamored of his eFx Darth Vader replica mask that he doesn’t even want to take it out of the box, which hurts Conan’s feelings.

More CONAN @

Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O’Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos:

For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit

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Rusk Hair Product Review

Watch my latest video: “ULTA Haul | August 2015”

I was given these products by Beauty Stop Online for the purpose of review, I was NOT paid to review them.

Beauty Stop Online is a wholesale provider of professional beauty products and tools including: flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers, skin, hair and nail care, waxing and hair removal, salon and spa equipment, and more. They have partnerships with numerous manufacturers and vendors that make it possible for them to provide name brand products at affordable prices.

Beauty Stop Online:

For more in depth reviews check out my blog posts:

Rusk W8less hairspray blog post:

Rusk Thyckr Myst review:

Rusk Thermal Shine Spray review:

Video editing software & music: iMovie


Product Reviews: T11 Smart Watch for Android Devices Round Screen

Product Reviews: T11 Smart Watch for Android Devices Round Screen

Can be purchased Here.


Portrait Lenses: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

Adorama Photography TV presents: In this episode Mark recommends some great lenses for shooting portraits in low light. These lenses will also give you shallow depth of field.

Visit for more photography videos!

See product details and specs at

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Marshall 7in. On Camera Monitor: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

AdoramaTV presents The Marshall 7in. On Camera Monitor. This week Mark will show us a portable monitor that is the perfect solution for DSLR and video professionals seeking to capture their best shots. The product is designed, engineered and assembled in the USA.

For more information about the Marshall 7in. On Camera Monitor, and for related articles and videos, go here:

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Marshall M-LCD7-HDMI-01 7 inch Portable On-Camera Field Monitor
Marshall TFT-MegaPixelT 7″ Field Monitor with V-mount Battery Adapter

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Bizarre Amazon Product Reviews 2

The twirling spaghetti fork pairs exceptionally well with the wine purse.

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Zac Oyama
Katie Marovitch
Grant O’Brien

Director – Matt Enlow
Producer – Nick Sala
Production Coordinator – Brandon Raman
Director of Photography – Alex Pollini
A Camera Operator – Yash Khanna
B Camera Operator – Alejandro Echevarria
1st Assistant Camera – Kelly Samuels
2nd Assistant Camera / Digital Imaging Technician – Michael Amico
Gaffer – Joe Petkwitz
Key Grip – Tyler Rousseau
Sound Mixer – Box Sandberg
Hair and Make-up – Kathleen Pardo
Key Production Assistant – Rudy Jansen
Post Production Supervisor – Melissa Balan
Post Production Coordinator – Marissa High
Licensing and Programming Coordinator – Theodora Hart
Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer – Ryan Kelly
Editor – Eve Hinz
Assistant Editor – Spencer Kombol


Product Reviews: DZ09 2 1 with Facebook, Twitter

Product Reviews: DZ09 2 1 with Facebook, Twitter
Can be purchased Here.


The Gitzo Explorer Tripod: Product Reviews: Adorama Photography TV

AdoramaTV presents The Gitzo Explorer Tripod. This week Mark will show us its unconventional design, the legs can be set at any angle and moved independently while the center column tilts and rotates freely to any position. The Explorer goes great with a Gitzo off-center ball head, a combination that makes it the ideal tripod for creative photographers. You can shoot close to ground, upside down or in tight or awkward spaces. Its ideal for outdoor macro and nature photography, still life and architectural.

For more details about the Gitzo Explorer tripod and related articles, go here:

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Arctic Air vs Blu Breeze Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products

Arctic Air vs Blu Breeze Review | Testing As Seen on TV Products
Here’s my review of the Blu Breeze personal air conditioning unit. I’ve compared it to the new Arctic Air.

*About Arctic Air* Arctic Air is an evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. The built-in LED mood light can be set to any of its 7 color option, set to color-cycle mode or turned off with the touch of a button. Running other air conditioners all day long can cost a lot of money and take up so much space. Some of them even have to vent out a window, making it very inconvenient. Arctic Air sleek compact design fits nicely on your desk, nightstand or coffee table – wherever you need it! It’s great for dens, reading nooks, work, dorm rooms, offices, home offices, campers, work spaces, benches, basements, garages and more.

It’s lightweight & even convenient for travel! Great for outdoors too. And it’s not just safe to use but energy efficient. This personal space air cooler actually cools the air around you, where you need it most, while using the size and power consumption of a small fan.
What Arctic Air Claims:

– Personal Space Cooler that Lets You Create Your Own Personal Comfort Zone
– Cools, Humidifies, and Purifies for Better Air!
– Easy-Fill Water Tank Lasts Up to 8 Hours! Freon Free, Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly
– Compact & Powerful & Ultra-Quiet Operation
– Built-In LED Mood Light – 7 Different Colors with Color-Cycle Option!

Watch the entire Arctic Air Review here — Arctic Air Review | Testing As Seen on Tv Products

*About the Blu Breeze* When you’re stuck in a spot that always feels hot, turn on the Blu Breeze the personal portable air conditioner. Blu Breeze creates your own personal comfort zone that cools you down. The compact, lightweight, and portable air conditioner is perfect to stay cool at the pool, in hot steamy bathrooms, sweltering kitchens, your workbench, and even in your bedroom while you’re sleeping. Thanks to a whisper-quiet fan, the Blu Breeze won’t disturb others around you making it perfect to use at the office, too. Using Blu Breeze is so simple: just add water to the evaporative filter, then turn it on and the heat is gone. Why waste money air conditioning the entire house when you can create a cool oasis right where you are? The secret is Aqua-Cool Technology: The fan draws dry, stale air through Blu Breeze’s evaporative filter and instantly transforms the hot air into a refreshing breeze. Best of all, you can take it with you wherever you go! Blu Breeze works on electricity, USB power, or 4 AA batteries.

– Evaporative filter draws dry, stale air and transforms it into a cool, refreshing breeze
– Compact, portable and lightweight fits on any desk or countertop
– Easy to use just add water, turn it on and the heat is gone
– Works with electricity, USB power or 4 AA batteries
– Create your own personal comfort zone in seconds

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Products / Gadgets used in this Vivian Tries video
Arctic Air Personal Space Cooler The Quick & Easy Way to Cool Any Space As Seen On TV
Blu Breeze Portable Air Conditioner (2 PK)
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♡ 5 – As Seen on TV products I love ♡
Flex Tape Review:
Gotham Smokeless Indoor Grill Review:
Red Copper Pan Review:
Star Shower Laser Lights Review:
Red Copper 5 minute Chef Review:
Power Air Fryer XL Review:
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Vivian Tries is the as seen on vt show. I review as seen on tv products, and put kitchen gadgets and other as seen on tv gadgets to the test. I make honest, comedy review videos – – testing, unboxing and trying crazy kitchen gadgets, as seen on tv products from television, online, dollar tree hauls and much more all around home and kitchen.
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Product review: Vitalize Hair supplements

An initial review of a new hair supplement I am trying out.




Oasis Fly Tying Bench – Compact Walnut Bench Review – McFly Angler Product Reviews

After getting this bench and using it, I don’t know how I survived tying without it. Its so enjoyable to tie on, and it makes it much much easier. Not only is the bench beautifully made, its very functional as well. Seriously guys, get this bench, or one of the other many models Oasis makes.

This bench is the “Compact Walnut Bench” and it is on sale right now for $273 on their site. Then they have the “Compact” which is this same bench, just without the walnut. That one’s on sale for $264. They also have a bench made for pedestal vices. The “Fly Factory” bench is only $139 and is very nice as well. The “Spinner” is $179, the “Golly” is $144, and the “Pro Bench” is $269. All great prices for the quality of these benches.

If you are interested in getting one, check out their site where you can order them.

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Hi everyone! Thank you for watching this video!

First of all, Hindi ako proffesional Calligrapher. I’m just sharing my knowledge about Modern Calligraphy especially to the beginners who seek help and gustong matuto ng Calligraphy. So if my mga mistakes ako, I gladly accept your corrections. 😊

Feel free to comment your questions and suggestion.

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PowerDyne Revenge Plate Assembly – Product Reviews Exclusive Roller Girl Skates product review of the How to assemble your PowerDyne Revenge plate by Kyle “Haterade” Divers. Copyright Roller Girl Skates.


PrestaShop Module Store & Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets – Addons PrestaShop

Available here:

Get your own system of verified reviews about your store and products (comments and ratings) without having to pay any monthly subscriptions. A great way to collect feedbacks and a great alternative to eKomi, Trustedshop and Trustpilot!

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Pirate’s Booty | Healthy Snacks | Beyond Diet Product Reviews
Pirate’s Booty is a popular snack. But is it actually good for your health? Isabel explains the reason behind the unhealthy ingredients and how to find healthier snack alternatives.

Pirate’s Booty – Should We Love It OR Leave It?

Watch Isabel take a peek at the ingredients found in this popular snack, and you’ll find that the decision is an easy one.

In fact, Isabel shows why these snacks might be stopping you from losing the weight you want to.

You don’t want to find yourself snacking on anything that contains canola oil, soy, and cornmeal. You’ll want to seek alternatives that are made with healthy fats like coconut oil, avocado oil, or natural butter.

So what’s the alternative? Is there a healthy snack you can turn to? Isabel shares her favorites, Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn and Boulder Canyon potato chips.

Beyond Diet has proven to be an effective weight loss program for thousands of members. But it’s so much more than that! It’s also about achieving health and happiness through delicious eating, and thousands have been helped to reach their weight and health goals by implementing Isabel De Los Rios’ delicious and healthy recipe hacks.

Beyond Diet offers more than a simple-to-use healthy eating plan; it is a full-service program that gives you fat-burning recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, expert personalized coaching and a community of users that support and help you on your journey.

Beyond Diet’s weight loss principles are supported by more than 700 studies published in credible, peer-reviewed scientific journals, as well as thousands of testimonials from those who’ve found success using this common-sense, highly effective system.

For more great recipes and information on how you can transform your health and achieve that elusive weight loss you’ve been seeking, visit our pages below and connect with us today!




Beyond Diet
Isabel De Los Rios
weight loss plans
health and happiness
healthy recipe hacks
fat burning recipes
Pirate’s Booty
healthy snacks
Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn
Boulder Canyon potato chips
Canola oil
Coconut oil


Acne Tips, Tricks, & Product Reviews

Salut! Today I’m sharing my favourite acne products with you and how I have keep my adult acne under control! Let me know what works for you in the comments.

Shirt/Chemise: Artizia


1. Effaclar by La Roche Posay – Purifying Foaming Gel
2. Clarisonic Brush
3. Effaclar La Roche Posay – Duo
4. Effaclar La Roche Posay – Targeted Breakout Cream Corrector
5. Effaclar La Roche Posay – Daily Moisturizer for Oily Skin
6. Cicaplast Gel
7. Vichy – Normaderm Deep Cleansing Gel
8. Vichy – Normaderm Pore Tightening Lotion
9. Vichy – Normaderm Corrective Anti Acne 24hr Hydrating Lotion
10. Uriage – Hyséac 3-Regul – Global Skin Care
11. Uriage – Hyséac 3-Regul – SOS Paste
12. Uriage – Hyséac 3-Regul – K-18 Unclogging Skin-Care
13. Isidin Teen Skin – Acnisdin Hydrating Cream
14. Isidin Teen Skin – Acnisdin Lip Balm

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ZERO WASTE PRODUCT REVIEWS | Klean Kanteen, Brush with Bamboo, & More!

In this video I review mesh product bags, a Klean Kanteen Travel Mug, a Simply Straw, a Lunchskins sandwich bag, Reusable Cotton Rounds from an Etsy seller, and Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes. For your convenience I have included timestamps and links below:

00:24 Mesh Produce Bags:
01:23 Klean Kanteen Travel Mug:
02:43 Simply Straw:
03:35 Lunchskins:
04:57 Reusable Cotton Rounds: (similar- I can’t find the tan colored ones I boughts sorry!)
05:37 Brush with Bamboo Toothbrush:
My toothbrush video:

Apologies for not getting a video up last week! My mom came to visit (yay!) and I spent ALL my free time with her. This video also took a lot of time to not only plan and film, but also edit! Let me know if you’d like me to do another one in a few months- I have a few products I didn’t have a chance to include in this video! 🙂


If you’re new here, hello! I’m Sara. I make videos about minimalism, travel, and green living. I love meeting new people with these interests so please leave me a comment and we can chat! 🙂


ASEC External Gate Door Magnetic Lock LocksOnline Product Reviews

This is a powerful and very popular magnetic electric lock that is designed to fit on external applications like gates and external doors, come pre wired with around a meter of cable it can also be fixed either face fixing or top fixing we can also get Z/L brackets

The links will take you i direct to the website where you can get some more information or advise. you can also buy on line.


J.Brand vs. Paige Premium Denim; Product Reviews Show Which Go-to Jean is the Best

Product Review time! Check out the latest product review that starts with the Fall Shopping Checklist and ends with two everyday, go-to jean options. The big question?

Did they stay or did they go? Who won? Paige Skyline or J.Brand Lovestory? Watch and see. Welcome to The StyleShaker.





This video is not sponsored. These reviews are 100% unbiased.


Review on Toppik Hair Product Results!!

NO MAKEUP! 99 degrees in Houston, heat index 106 Whew!!

Just Naturals WEBSITE!!

TOPPIK Hair Building Fiber Powder – Sally’s Beauty Supply
TOPPIK Fiber Hold Spray – Sally’s Beauty Supply

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Make-up Geek
Only Sunscreen spf 15


Product Reviews: GW01 Smart Watch for Apple and Android Devices

Product Reviews: GW01 Smart Watch for Apple and Android Devices

Can be purchased Here.


Osmo Oils – Indoor and Outdoor Product Reviews

Osmo make wood protection products for both inside and outside use. This video shows their indoor Door Oil and Top Oil and their outdoor Clear and Oak UV products. I am now an Osmo fan after trying these finishes.


Updates and Product reviews

A long needed update on everyone and I show some little treats and toys I got the pigs from the pet shop 🙂


Atkins Diet Product Reviews: Mexican Chicken with Vegetables Frozen Food

Atkins Diet “Clean Group” –
Atkins Diet Videos Fan Page –
In my quest to find a good Atkins or low carb frozen food, I have stumbled across one of the new ones called Mexican-Style Chicken and Vegetables. This one features an enchilada type sauce covering chicken, cheese, and vegetables (primarily onions and peppers). This one is very similar to my Enchilada Chicken Paillard recipe, which can be found here:

Review: The flavor of this one was really good. I like spicy and this one had a moderate amount of spice to it, but not so much to turn off my family, who might not have a cast iron stomach. It could use a dollop of sour cream, which would also boost its Fat content (roughly 50% of the Calories). The chicken pieces are large and numerous. The 2 questionable ingredients are near the end of the list, and the only other knock is I wanted more when I was done.

Nutrition Info:
Serving Size – 1 tray
Calories: 360 (180 from Fat)
Total Fat: 20g (50%)
Protein: 33g (36%)
Total Carbs: 10g
Fiber: 3g (Net Carbs 7g)
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FREE Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews

FREE Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews

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In this Video, I’ll Be Showing You How to gain a passive income through affiliate marketing. I will be showing you the best products to use and why I love using it. If you have questions regarding FREE Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing Product Reviews feel free to leave a comment down below.

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